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Dr. Wen-Chang Chen
Dr. Wen-Chang Chen

Present Job:

  • President, National Taiwan University

Areas of Expertise:

  • Electronic and Optoelectronic Polymers, Polymer Nanomaterials, Green Materials


  • Ph.D., Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester
  • Dean, College of Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Director, Advanced Research Center for Green Materials Science and Technology, National Taiwan University
  • President, Federation of Asian Polymer Society
  • President, The Polymer Society(Taipei)
  • Director, Center for Southeast Asia Education, National Taiwan University
  • Associate Dean, College of Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Director, Center of Strategic Materials Alliance for Research and Technology, National Taiwan University
  • Polymer Program Coordinator, National Science Council
  • Director, Polymer Nanotechnology Research Center, National Taiwan University
  • Professor and Director of Polymer science and Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Associate Professor, Professor of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Researcher, Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI)